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Isarsoft starts AIPaC project: Improved Operating Procedures and Planning Reliability in Public Transport

20.01.2021 - Isarsoft GmbH starts Artificial Intelligence Passenger Counting (AIPaC), a new mFUND-project which enables automatic measurement and prediction of capacity utilization in public transport. The gate-startups project is funded by the BMVI by about 33,000 Euros.

Not only since Covid-19, public transport has been subject to strong variations of demand. Mass events may raise the degree of capacity utilization on short notice. Due to the settling of new eomployers, new quarters and a common trend of urbanization, planners are facing new calculation challenges in the long term.

For saftey reasons, cameras are installed in many vehicles and train stations. Within the scope of AIPaC, passenger flows can be measured by means of modern image data processing compliant to data protection, and thus, micro- and macroscopical trends of demand may be forecasted reliably.

Operators and passengers likewise benefit from the data collected resulting in custom-fit time tables and improved conditions in train stations and vehicles. With regard to the current pandemic, these data may contribute to organizing public transport in a safer way and to regain customers.

The current AIPaC-project is supportet by about 33,000 Euros by the Federal Ministery of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the scope of the „mFUND“ funding guidelines and is realized by Isarsoft GmbH.

AIPaC is to improve process procedures and planning reliability within public transport by means of data-based analyses and prognoses of passenger flows in vehicles and platforms.

It is the project objective to develop a highly precise passenger counting and prognosting software which evaluates the existing safety cameras on local servers in real time and compliant to data protection.

The data obtained serve to better orient the public transport supply to customer requests, to recognize and absorb short-term capacity peaks and gatherings early, as well as to provide additional security staff.

About the BMVI mFUND
Since 2016 the BMVI has been supporting research and development projects around data-based digital applications for mobility 4.0 within the scope of the research initiative mFUND. Besides financial promotion, mFUND supports networking of players in politics, economy and reasearch as well as the access to the data gateway mCLOUD by means of various event formats.

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Isarsoft GmbH develops AI analysis solutions for automated measurement and prediction of traffic and passenger flows. Real time information and forecasts of critical processes based on intelligent software likewise improve operation efficiency and safety as well as customer satisfaction.