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Delicious Data complete round financing and will offer their successful software to avoid food waste also to bakeries

21.01.2021 - Delicious Data, the sustainable AI-startup for the food industry, heralds their next expansionary phase and successfully closes a round financing. Besides the existing circle of shareholders, (amongst others GeMü Beteiligungsgesellschaft and Käfer Capital) in future also Übermorgen Ventures and Business Angel Gian Reto à Porta will be part of the investors’ circle. „We are so excited: Our new partners share the values and visions of Delicious Data. Together we now want to reduce even more food waste and CO2 in bakeries.“, says Valentin Belser, co-founder of the gate-startup .

Since 2019, Delicious Data have already been offering their award-winning forecasting solution to communal feeding (refectories, canteens, hospitals, retirement homes) and gastronomy. There, the software manages to reduce food waste by up to 30%. By means of deep-learning algorithms the software analyses historical customer data and combines them with further external factors in order to make precise future predictions. Mid last year, the startup was awarded the Federal Award 2020 for their solutions “Too good for the bin”. „Delicious Data use the possibilities of aritficial intelligence to avoid overproduction in canteen processes. This should become standard.”, states Julia Klöckner, Federal Secretary of nutrition, agriculture and consumer protection during the digital award ceremony.

The EU as well as the Federal Government of Germany have set the goal to halve food waste by 2030. According to information of the Federal Ministery of Nutrition and Agriculture, 12 million tons of food waste accrue nation-wide. 48% thereof originate outside of private households. Thus, the application of artificial intelligence is a reasonable and necessary step into the right direction to protect resources within the producing and processing industry.

Hence, the successful software will now also be employed as a solution for the bakery market. For this purpose, there already is a co-operation with one of the biggest bakeries in Bavaria. In about 120 subsidiaries in Southern Bavaria, the solution will directly exert influence.

“Since the very beginning, we belive in Delicious Data’s solution to have an impact on sustainability across the entire food sector. By expanding into the bakery market, this solution to acitvely reduce food waste is available to a further industry sector besides communal feeding and gastronomy.”, says Clarissa Käfer, angel investor and managing director of the Käfer Group.

About Delicious Data:
Delicious Data was founded by Valentin Belser and Jakob Breuninger and is a pioneer in the field of intelligent planning optimization for large caterers and bakeries. Thereby, customers are not only able to reduce avoidable food loss, but also significantly reduce their operating expenses and gain new insights about their business by means of data-driven analyses.

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About the new investors:
Übermorgen Ventures is a Swiss investment trust and invests in early-stage startups, who actively contribute to solving the climate crisis and at the same time recognize an economical opportunity. Gian Reto à Porta is an angel investor and founder of the Swiss showcase fintec Contovista.

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