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gate-Startup Clinaris wins Dr. Hans-Peter Kemmer as new advisor

08.06.2021 - Clinaris GmbH, the gate startup specialized in digital solutions for hospitals and nursing homes, have strengthened their team in a top-class way by Dr. med. Hans-Peter Kemmer. In the future, the longtime medical director of the pulmonary clinic Hemer will support the company located in Garching/Munich as an advisor with current projects and the further development of multiple IoT-solutions around the bedside management in hospitals as well as in the field of realtime-tracking of medical products.

Former medical director of the pulmonary clinic Hemer supports IoT-specialist Clinaris with his expertise in the field of hospital and hygienic management.

“We are very happy that, with Hans-Peter Kemmer as an advisor, we have not only won a longtime qualified physician, but also, at the same time, a recognized expert in the field of quality and risk management of hospitals and nursing homes”, says Thorsten Amann, managing director and co-founder of Clinaris GmbH. “With this combination of medical, organizational and technological knowledge, Dr. Kemmer matches perfectly.”

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Kemmer completed his specialized internist training at the teaching hospital of the RWTH Aachen. In 1989, he switched to the pulmonary clinic Hemer, where he finished his pneumological qualification as an assistant doctor by April 1991. After several professional milestones outside the pulmonary clinic, amongst others a further education as a cardiologist, he returned to Hemer in 1999 as a senior physician. From 2001 to 2003, he completed extra-occupational studies in the field of hospital management as well as a training in quality and change management. From 2004 by the time of his professional leave in summer 2020, Dr. Kemmer took up the tasks of the medical director of the pulmonary clinic Hemer.

“Around the structural and organizational processes in the hospital, I have always been focussed on the question what is primarily useful for the patients, and, on the other hand, helping the staff”, states Kemmer. “And even if patients don’t mention it every time, they rightly expect a state-of-the-art care reaching from medical treatment via service up to a sanitarily immaculate hospital bed. Offering, together with Clinaris, digital solutions for hospitals and nursing homes which are beneficial for patients, staff and sponsors, is a fascinating task to which I look farward to very much.”


gate-Startup CLINARIS GmbH has developed HPM®, a digital solution which not only controls in realtime the statutory reconditioning process of medical devices of the catogories I and II as well as of patient rooms, but also documents the single steps. Doing so, processes and the employment of staff resources are optimized. Furtheron, HPM® shows in realtime the exact position of medical products registered in the system, as well as their hygienic and technical state, and monitors the statutory maintenance and test timetable. CLINARIS GmbH located in Garching/Munich was founded in 2014 and counts among the pioneers of digital hygienic management.

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