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gate startup Celus revolutionizes billion-Euro-market of electronics development

  • Revolutionary solution of Munich startup Celus reduces development costs of electronic components by up to 90 %
  • Celus’ software solution facilitates complete automation of manual development processes
  • Electronics development is a global billion-euro-market, by digitization the share of electronic components in economy records a double-digit growth
  • With Speedinvest and Plug and Play Celus welcomes on board two additional strong investors and receives 1.7 million Euros seed funding for further growth

gate-Startup Celus which radically accelerates electronics development, presents its revolutionary platform for the automation of development processes in electronics industry at the electronics trade fair ’embedded world’, starting on Monday Feb 25, 2020 in Nuremberg. Celus’ platform makes it possible to reduce the expenditure of time in electronics development by 90% automating manual processes by means of aritificial intelligence. Thus, Celus revolutionizes the global Billion-Euro market for electronics development, which records a two-digit growth due to forward-moving digitization.

„According to our market valuations, every year 160 Billion Euro pour in the development of new electronics. Other than with software, automation of electronic circuits had not been possible to date. Our AI-algorithms take over the lengthy manual tasks, whereby developers are able to focus on innovation and creativity. The advantage for our customers is an enormous saving of development time, efforts ad costs of up to 90%. This is a real revolution for the electronic industry“, emphasizes Tobias Pohl, CEO of Celus.

Notable industrial costomers rely on new solutions by Celus

No matter if it is an autonomous vehicle, an automatic coffee machine or an IT-solution for a smart factory – electronic components can nowadays be found in all products having buttons, batteries, wires or displays. The development of the respective component parts, circuit diagrams and circuit board designs is time-consuming and error-prone. Celus’ mission is to eliminate this bottle neck. The cloud-based engineering platform enables the user to develop by means of a simple functional description according to a block diagram. Quasi at the push of a button component lists, circuit diagrams and circuit board layouts can be produced.

This revolutionary new technology finds wide response in the industry: well-known medium-sized companies and DAX-Enterprises could already be won as customers or are presently evaluating Celus’ engineering platform. The decision in favor of Celus’ solution is very easy across the board, as its benefit can be instantly realized, and the platform is fully compatible with already existing CAE-Solutions.

Speedinvest, Plug and Play and Dr. Dieter Lederer invest in revolutionary technology

Celus has finished a seed-financing round and collected 1.7 million Euros of growth capital. The highly regarded and highly competitive financing round was lead by Speedinvest, a leading European early-phase-investor. Further investors are Plug and Play as well as Dr. Dieter Lederer who has been on board as a well-known industrial expert and business angel since the foundation and who has significantly increased his investment. Celus was founded in 2018 by Tobias Pohl (CEO), André Alcalde (CPO) und Alex Pohl (CTO) under the company name Contunity after four years of universitary research and develpment work. Recently, the company has concluded a rebranding to the new company name Celus. The aim of Celus is to massively accelerate development cycles in electronic industry. The capital of this investment round pours in the further development of the platform and the enhancement of marketing activities. The staff counting 12 full-time employees shall be doubled by the end of 2020.

Celus had been awarded already several times: in 2018 the company won the Weconomy Award, still under the former company name Contunity, in 2019 they received a major sponsorship within the scope of the EU-program Horizon.

For more information: www.celus.io

For questions and further information please contact: Joris Bethune joris.bethune@celus.io