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NanoMab Technology Ltd and OncoBeta® GmbH sign Heads of Terms


NanoMab and gate startup OncoBeta outline the pathway to a Strategic Alliance and Supply Agreement, focused on the secure supply of Rhenium-188 for NanoMab’s range of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

NanoMab Technology Limited, a privately held biopharmaceutical company focussing on precision cancer therapies, today announced that it had signed Heads of Terms with OncoBeta® GmbH, a supplier of Tungsten-188/ Rhenium-188 generators for the production of high-energy beta emitting Rhenium-188, as well as a commercial stage medical device company specialized in innovative epidermal radioisotope therapies for non-melanoma skin cancers. These Heads of Terms will precede a Strategic Alliance and Supply Agreement for developing Rhenium-188 API solutions, which are suitable for labelling NanoMab‘s range of nanobodies for the production of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Dr. Hong Hoi Ting, NanoMab’s CSO commented, “This is an important step for us in our development of cancer therapies. Ensuring that we have a global supply of Rhenium-188 is critical to our development plan and we are therefore delighted to be forming a partnership with such a high-quality company as OncoBeta.”

Nicholas H. Vetter, OncoBeta’s COO said, “we have been impressed with NanoMab’s ambitious programme to develop a range of radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of a number of cancers. We’re delighted to work towards forming a partnership with NanoMab around the use of Rhenium-188 for further therapeutic purposes.”

For more information:
Paul Edwards. Tel: +44 (0)7771 575374
Email:  p.m.edwards@nano-mab.com
Richard Hayhurst/Janet Joy RHApr Tel: +44 (0)7711 821 527 richard@rhapr.eu or jan@rhapr.eu

NanoMab Technology Limited is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focusing on cancer precision therapies via the development of radiopharmaceuticals. Our goal is to develop a pipeline of theranostics with our proprietary camelid antibody platform to address the unmet medical need for cancer patients across the world. www.nano-mab.com

OncoBeta® GmbH with its headquarters located in the startup incubator gate Garching n. Munich, Germany, is a medical device and radiochemical company, specializing in the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art, innovative radioisotope therapies and products utilizing Rhenium-188. OncoBeta® offers an innovative Skin Cancer Therapy targeting non-melanoma skin cancers and produces Tungsten -188/Rhenium-188 (W/Re-188) Generators for commercial use. www.oncobeta.com