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Earth Day 2021: the gate is there


200+ leading tech companies aim to reach 50 million people and engage them to take Climate Action!

This Earth Day, more than 200 tech companies are launching a joint campaign: Time for Climate Action. The aim is to reach out to more than 50 million people and trigger 1 million meaningful and measurable actions for the planet. These companies are both taking climate action themselves and encouraging their customers to follow their lead.

Time for Climate Action is an initiative set up by the non-profit organisation, Leaders of Climate Action, taking place April 19th – 25th in honor of Earth Day. Among the campaign supporters are tech companies such as Spotify, Ecosia, Blablacar, Flixbus, Home24, flaschenpost, ebay Kleinanzeigen, Cabify, Universal Music, Delivery Hero, Marley Spoon, TIER, Doctolib, Personio, Idealo and many more including gate Garching.

The goal is to increase awareness around the fact that businesses need to walk the talk and that tech companies have a role to play as leaders in the fight against climate change.

For many companies in our ecosystem, reducing emissions is simply not enough. If we want to have a significant impact, we need to ask ourselves what else we can do. Activating our customers and partners is one way of doing this” Timo Müller, Co-Founder LFCA.

With the global reach of these tech companies combined, the campaign aims to reach more than 50 million people and trigger 1 million immediate, but impactful actions against the climate crisis. To achieve these goals, participating companies have joined forces to make climate action easily accessible for everyone, as well as to disclose their own carbon footprint and implement carbon reduction measures themselves.

It’s concrete. It’s now.
The campaign reinforces how simple, concrete actions like reducing your own carbon footprint is linked to controlling climate change and gives people a sense of empowerment. This impact comes through two main channels:

  1. The first is through the main campaign page, where all visitors can take quick and easy climate action. In under 10 minutes, the website enables visitors to take a diverse range of actions, including: changing their household power supply to renewable energy; taking climate action in their workplace; switching to a green bank account; planting trees while they browse; demanding change from politicians; measuring and reducing their own footprint; and more. Many of these actions are communicated in an educational, easy-to-share format, like this video which participating companies will share across their social media  channels.
  2. The second is through the company’s products and services. Many campaign supporters have built special, climate-friendly features on their platforms, making climate action just one click away for their users. They are educating customers about sustainable solutions in their sector; promoting more sustainable product alternatives; planting trees for every transaction during campaign week; and much more. Each supporter is on a mission to leverage their unique resources.

Spotify, for example, is creating climate awareness and driving action on its platform in the US by promoting climate content and linking to the campaign page to Spotify listeners.

eBay Kleinanzeigen has decided to encourage its employees to take action, and use their website, app, and marketing channels to drive traffic to the main campaign page. “The fight against climate change is a task for all of us. Even though the issue may seem huge – everyone can make a contribution. Reusing and repurposing products through platforms like ours is an easy way to behave more sustainably in everyday life.” — Paul Heimann.

Please see below or on our campaign overview page for further examples.

It’s all about action and transparency.

Our goal is real action, not perfection. While most of the participating companies are not 100% sustainable, they all have pledged to minimize their carbon footprint, put sustainability goals high on their agenda, and have a proven track of climate protection efforts. They are either climate neutral already or have pledged to become climate neutral by the end of the year, at least on an operational level. Additionally, they have implemented multiple reduction measures to date, and have a clear climate protection strategy for the rest of 2021. The companies involved in this campaign are publicly and transparently disclosing all of these efforts on the campaign page.

Quotes and a few examples of campaign participation:

Idealo makes it simple for their users to find more sustainable product alternatives by offering a useful sustainability filter. And if users choose to order directly via idealo, they automatically support a forest project which offsets their products shipping. Albrecht von Sonntag: „Humanity has to react in an extremely short space of time. It doesn’t matter whether the steps are big or small as long as they are many, fast and in the right direction.”

Ecosia is promoting the campaign page on their platform in a blog article, via notifications and social media.  Christian Kroll: “Climate neutrality is just the first step: the goal needs to be a regenerative economy and we all need to do much more.”

Delivery Hero is supporting the campaign with three organisations in different countries. They are supporting the campaign via their marketing channels and added green features into their product roadmap. “Delivery Hero needs to set aspiring goals and encourage other companies to join the climate protection efforts. We want to build a company that the next generation can be proud of, and by taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our customers and communities around the world.” Niklas Östberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Delivery Hero

Cabify Cabify is creating a climate action calendar with weekly tips throughout the year for sustainable living that will be shared within the mobility app community, supported by a social media campaign. “Organisations just like individuals can create substantial value by joining forces in order to fight the climate crisis. Today we come together again as conscious citizens, being aware each and every person can responsibly adapt lifestyles and decisions to make a more sustainable world.” – Juan de Antonio, Cabify Founder and CEO.

Universal Music is activating their influencers and musicians to advertise the campaign to their millions of followers; planning a social media campaign of their own; and running internal climate action initiatives with their employees. Frank Briegmann: “Climate Change is a challenge we need to tackle collectively. Together with our artists, our partner network, and our team we want to inspire people to get active! We try to lead by example, since we are climate neutral for two years already.”

Dott is using their app to invite all of their riders to take climate action on the campaign page; supporting Time For Climate Action with their own social media and CRM campaigns; and dedicating part of their revenue to country-specific non-profit organizations.

Blablacar is running an education campaign on eco-friendly driving for its drivers; issuing a special newsletter on sustainability; and running internal eco-challenges for every day of the week. Nicolas Brusson: “BlaBlaCar saves 1.6 M tonnes of CO2 annually simply by filling empty seats on the road. It’s as if Paris was free of traffic for a year! That’s the beauty of an organic model that leverages technology to minimize waste on the road: the more the platform grows, the greater the CO2 savings. We are happy to take part in this important campaign for climate action and to encourage our 90 million members to adopt sustainable driving practices, in order to further minimize the impact of travel.”

Home24 is creating video content about what you can do at home, to take climate action. Furthermore, they create a partnership to plant trees in Germany and to work with better packaging. They use their website and newsletter to raise awareness.

Personio is using the strength of their platform to educate employers and employees on why climate action is key to successful companies; holding a series of webinars; and making their eSignature feature more accessible in order to help companies cut back on printing. Hanno Renner: “One of my motivations for starting a company was to have an impact that goes beyond the employees and the company – to have a platform that can drive social change. At Personio, we truly believe in a culture of accomplishment and impact. We therefore take action to have a positive influence on society as well as the environment, not only with our product but on a company-wide level.

TIER is promoting the campaign page on their website in a blog article, via in-app notifications, newsletters and social media in order to educate their riders. Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co-founder of TIER: “Climate change is the most urgent topic of our time and we are in a now-or-never situation, which requires each and every one of us to take immediate action. And it’s only together that we can truly change something. This is why we feel it is our responsibility to commit additional resources towards protecting the environment and fighting the climate crisis together with our employees and users.”

Marley Spoon is running a vegetarian/vegan campaignin April encouraging customers to eat more sustainable dishes, and is setting up a dedicated social media campaign.

Shop Apotheke is flagging up vegan and vegetarian products on their website, offering them as alternatives; designing a slow delivery option; and engaging their suppliers in conversations about sustainability.

gate teamed up with the TUM Incubator to discuss climate action as success factor for startups. The panel will take place on Earth Day, 22 April from 11.00 to 12.00 am. You can register here for free.

About Leaders for Climate Action:

LFCA is a global community of 1200 digital entrepreneurs, united by the will to counter the climate crisis through their own, concrete actions and to demand more effective legislation from policymakers. Their vision is to turn the digital industry climate neutral worldwide and thus set an example for other industries.

Name of Press Contact:
Philippe Singer
Phone: +49 176 83116578
Email: philippe@lfca.earth

Links to the campaign: main website, instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin

Google drive for press pictures

Companies, which will participate:

Mammut, Dott, Universal Music, Doctolib, flaschenpost, Spotify, Ecosia, Canva, Norrsken VC, Tiko, Tier, House of YAS, Moneybox, Apsiyon, LEAD, Evreka, Marley Spoon, Glovo, Cabify, ebay Kleinanzeigen, home24 SE, Delivery Hero, Netpincer, Mjam, Tomorrow, COBIOM, heycater!, Hago Energetics, Digital Hub Logistics GmbH, hemea, Ape Unit, Hyperion, Executive Search, Uplink, Polarstern GmbH, Sensorberg, Kid Coins, Greenmetrics, Mevsimi, Earthly, GEFTA, Inven Capital, K5 GmbH, Open Talent, Balderton Capital, DynAdmic,Reflect, Studio, Loudly, MAZE, Canva, Speedinvest, Fabletics GmbH, Redalpine, youtiful.net, Zero-Carbon, the wearness, sofatutor, viewpay.tv, ClimatePartner, Orixe As, Sustainable Data Technologies GmbH / CO2free, Copenhagen Fintech, FlixBus, Faradai, elaboratum, Savings United GmbH, Flexcavo, BMH BRÄUTIGAM, Astutia Ventures, Wingie Enuygun Group, Inveon, Cooltra, Done! Berlin GmbH, MIOO Cycling, Kiwigrid, itravel Group, GP Bullhound, SolarBlick GmbH, Raisin, HomeToGo, Unternehmertum VC, InnoGames, Reedsy, Wefox Group, alphacoders GmbH, Tandemploy, mobile.de, Commencis, Katapult Accelerator, inoqo, Insider., Treeconomy, Forto, Ledgy, EINHUNDERT Energie, nu3, ARTEBENE, LANASIA AG, WestTech Ventures, Founders Foundation, Userlutions, Fashion Cloud, Blacklane, finn GmbH, Thermondo, Connox, Snooze Project, THE CLIMATE CHOICE, 212, Shop-Apotheke, Goldbeck Solar, Surve Mobility, gate, pack it eco, Kenkou GmbH, Concept X, GOT YOUR BACK, Chattyco, SWEDISH FALL, PHAT Consulting, enspired, Efficient Energy, Pirate.global, Visable GmbH, SpinLab, DIGITAL renewables GmbH, Data4Life, SUSI Partners, MiMask, Breega, Cycle Up, econda, Planet A Ventures, Active Giving, Bergfreunde GmbH, BlaBlaCar, Traivelling, Tourlane, MyMuesli, Musixen, TempoCap, ecotrek, eye/o, Personio, PlusDental, FightBack, Revo Capital, Idealo, Staiy, Tomorrow´s Education, Tmob, Yova Impact Investing GmbH, Phineo, Purenessity, MOSTLY AI, Related Digital, Picus, Figopara, Serious Business, Wermuth Asset Management, Sendinblue, Computop, NOMOO, datenschutzexperte.de, JUNIQE, Spielfeld Digital Hub, Lidio, PANDA | The Women Leadership Network, Arvantis Group, Laserhub, right. based on science, macom NIYU, EMPAUA, weclapp, RealPort, 3VC, Digital Hub Logistics GmbH, Fingerprint For Success, FixFirst, COYO, Gothaer Digital GmbH, HTGF, Daily Greens Food, FRIDAY, klima, Eigenherd, Stuart, APX, Phoenix Design, Pacemakers Digital Ventures, lehrermarktplatz, Acton Capital, brandpfeil, Brightpoint Group, Commuter Services GmbH, InterNations, PIABO PR, KONUX, HelloAsso, Nøie ApS, Pumpkin Organics, wirDesign, La Famiglia, Babysits, Opinary, Daphni VC, Crafting Future GmbH, wetter.com, GameDuell, Zattoo, Phiture