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Lumatix Biotech wins BioRiver Boost! competition


For the ninth time, the startup competition of the Düsseldorf cluster organisation BioRiver e.V. elected three winners in early October. gate startup Lumatix Biotech ensured the first place with their innovative filtration technology.

Winner of this year’s BioRiver Boost! competition for Biotech- und Life-Science-founders is Lumatix Biotech GmbH. With their light-controlled antibody purification the gate startup finished first.

The ninth edition of the yearly start-up-competition BioRiver Boost! took place in October at the headquarters of QIAGEN GmbH in Hilden and was live-broadcasted. Lumatix Biotech wins a tailor-made coaching by experienced entrepreneurs, marketing suppport by experts and access to the BioRiver-network with best business contacts.

The jury was made up of representatives from Bayer, Janssen-Cilag/ Johnson&Johnson, Lonza and QIAGEN, as well as the High-Tech founder fond, Heinrich-Heine-University NRW.BANK.

„The founders who apply thrill me anew every year. They deserve our support. I am very proud that BioRiver Boost! has established itself as a platform of its own for a wide field of technologies – this year ranging from medicine across process engineering and statistics up to food and cosmetics colorants. We enable young entrepreneurs to have a constructive exchange with adept industrial experts“, says Dr. Frauke Hangen, director of the inter-trade organization BioRiver e.V. who have been organizing the competition since 2014.


Lumatix Biotech produces affinity matrices for purifying monoclonal antibodies – light-controlled and without using chemicals. Lumatix-Biotech-founder Andreas Reichert and team member Ingmar Polte accepted the award in situ and want to apply their technology with the help of new partners from the BioRiver network. After all, this principle is widely applicable, as Polte comments: „We are able to purify all bio-molecules with it – from viruses up to proteins – in a very conservative and efficient way.“

Link to Lumatix Biotech’s pitch presentation: https://youtu.be/VAn8300Ihpc