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Former Co-Founder and CTO of LOEWI joins neurotrim Systems


Calvin Devereux joins gate startup neurotrim Systems as CTO and Co-Founder. Neurotrim Systems develops solutions for prevention, rehabilitation, and therapy of orthopedic injuries.

gate Startup Neurotrim Systems announces that Calvin Devereux joins the company as CTO and Co-founder. Devereux previously founded the personalized nutrition company LOEWI that exited successfully to bioniq in the beginning of 2022. He has over 10 years of professional experience working as a software
developer at several companies, including blick.io, bioniq, LOEWI and Devoss. With this step, neurotrim Systems aims to put an even higher emphasis on Software Development and injury prevention through AI.

„New technological possibilities offer us a huge opportunity to put unnecessary injuries behind us for good. I’m looking forward to my new responsibilities as CTO of neurotrim Systems and to be working together with such a great team.”

Calvin Devereux

Neurotrim Systems is a Munich-based start-up founded by Maximilian Schiff and Rebekka Mirlach that specializes in injury rehabilitation, prevention, and support in Return to Play decisions for professional sports clubs, athletes and rehabilitation centers.

Web: www.neurotrim-systems.de