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Energyminer celebrates successful opening of pilot plant and reveals potential of the new energy source


gate-Startup Energyminer is happy to announce that the opening ceremony of their trendsetting pilot plant on May 25, 2023 was a great success.

The event attracted a number of prestigious guests, amongst them representatives of politics, environmental associations, authorities, science, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the investment community, as well as suppporters and partners.

With this opening ceremony, gate startup Energyminer draw the attention on the subtlety of the energyfish and, at the same time, on the enormous potential of its innovative technology. The guests were exited to see how simple and uncomplicated the energy source of kinetic power may be used. The pilot plant marks the starting signal for the exploitation of a new regenerative and base-load-capable energie source and is an important step towards a successful energy transition.

Energyminer GmbH has developed a pathbreaking solution which uses the full energy-generation-potential of the natural flow of running water. Energyminer’s unique technology makes it possible to use the water’s energy in an efficient and eco-firendly way without impairing the ecosystems. The pilot plant is installed close to a conventional hydroelectric power plant and shows in an impressive way that, with Energyminer’s technology, an additional potential of hydropower can be utilized.

Both technologies can be implemented mutually without interfering with eachother. During the event, the electrical power supply was provided completely by the pilot plant, thus proving the reliability and efficiency of the system.

The opening ceremony encountered active interest and was well-attended. The guests swapped ideas in vivid discussions and got detailled insight into the technology and the enormous potential of the energyfish. The atmosphere was inspiring giving the guests a reality check and awakening their enthusiasm for this new energy source.

Abbildung 3: Die Energyfish Pilotanlage © Energyminer GmbH | Isenhoff

Leaving the successful opening ceremony behind, energyminer now focuses on the next steps. By the end of the year, the company is planning to apply for new sites and to chose the initial location thoroughly. This strategic development is part of energyminer’s vision to help shaping a successful energy transition. gate-startup Energyminer proudly looks back to the felicitous opening ceremony and is convinced that the pilot plant will pave the way for a sustainable and future-oriented energy production.

For more information information or interview requests please contact:
Natalie Rojko | Head of Marketing Mobil: +49.176.32089441 natalie.rojko@energyminer.eu