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Energyminer wins Global Ethics Pitch Day Award for innovative micro-hydropower-plant


gate startup Energyminer took first place at the Global Ethics Pitch Day, an award for promising ethical startups.

The competition took place on June 15, 23 at the Weltethos Institute at the University of Tübingen where six promising startups were offered the opportunity to present their innovative solutions to a distinguished jury and an audience of experts and industry leaders. With their innovative approach and commitment to a sustainable future, Energyminer was able to convince the jury and won the day against strong competitors.

gate startup Energyminer is passionate about driving the energy transition and creating a more sustainable energy future. Their focus is on base-load-capable solutions that are in harmony with nature and the landscape. Energyminer’s micro-hydropower-plant generates energy from the flow of rivers around-the-clock at any time of the year. With its compact size, efficient performance and simple and quick installation, the Energyfish offers a sustainable solution for decentralized and base-load energy supply for entire communities and neighborhoods. And it does so without interfering with the river biotope as well as being fish-compatible.

Winning the Global Ethics Pitch Day confirms recognition for Energyminer’s excellence.

„Energyminer is overwhelmed and thrilled to have won first place at the Global Ethics Pitch Day. This award confirms our commitment to the promotion of renewable energy and gives us additional incentive to further develop our micro hydropower plant and contribute to the energy transition.”

Chantel Niebuhr, CTO

After installation and opening of the pilot plant in the heart of Munich and the second place at the Munich Business Plan Competition Phase 2, the recognition at the Global Ethic Pitch Day is another significant milestone for Energyminer.
With the pilot plant the startup has shown that the technology works. Energyminer is now planning the next steps, including applying for additional sites and carefully selecting the location for the first Energyfish swarm.

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