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OmegaLambdaTec announces start of “KICk-StARtER-G” project


With their consortium meeting at the gate, the consortium partners OmegaLambdaTec GmbH, MOZYS Engineering GmbH and the Center for Applied Energy Research e.V. start the project “KICk-StARtER-G” for predictive building control with artificial intelligence (AI) in the program “KMU-innovativ”, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

gate startup OmegaLambdaTec, together with the companies MOZYS Engineering GmbH and the Center for Applied Energy Research e.V., announces the project launch of “KICk-StARtER-G”. The project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the “KMU-innovativ”-program, aims at predictive building control using artificial intelligence (AI). The consortium meeting at the gate Garching on May 24, 2023 marks the start of the ambitious project.

The aim of the project is to improve building operation and energy efficiency in non-residential buildings while maintaining a high level of user comfort. Buildings play a key role in energy transition, as they are currently responsible for almost 40% of the final energy consumption and greenhouse-gas-emissions. The research project focuses on the enormous potential of energy savings in non-residential buildings by using a novel, predictive and energy-optimized building-control-system that takes into account weather forecasts and thermal characteristics of the buildings. In order to realize possible savings, however, user comfort must be taken into account in a different way than has been the case to date, both to ensure acceptance of an efficient building control and to avoid energy-inefficient user interventions in building operation.

Within the BMBF-funded research project, an AI-based controller for comfort-based control of thermal systems and control loops increasing the energy and resource efficiency of buildings (KICk-StARtER-G) is being developed. The Center for Applied Energy Research e.V (CAE) contributes its expertise and preliminary research in the field of energy efficient building control and user comfort in buildings. MOZYS Engineering GmbH contributes its experience in the development of hardware and software solutions for the automation of sensor- and data-based applications, and gate startup OmegaLambdaTec GmbH its expertise in smart data, forecasting and high-dimensional optimization.

The innovation of the project is due to the multidimensional overall optimization by combining hardware and software components with new intelligent and predictive methods of building control, taking user comfort into account. From a hardware point of view, a compact sensor box is designed serving to record relevant room parameters such as temperature, humidity and brightness, but also further measurements, e.g. the determination of hot and cold spots in the room. User feedback on the perception of comfort can be given directly via the sensor box or an app. By analyzing the measurements as well as the user feedback by means of dynamic machine learning (ML) algorithms, the system is able to acquire new optimal operating states and detect faulty operating modes. For the energy-saving building control a predictive optimization model with a time horizon of several days in advance is developed after all. This takes into account the aspect of comfort, weather forecasts and thermal characteristics of the building. The real-time-answer to the high dimensional optimization problem is given by applying state of the art ML- and AI-techniques. Thus, optimal schedules for building control are generated, quantifiying energy and greenhouse gas savings.

The targeted combined SaaS hardware solution is aimed at the professional facility management industry. Not only does it offer optimal building operation to companies, but also additional improvements in the areas of maintenance and service. By immediately providing energy savings potential during building operation, the project contributes to the success of a sustainable energy transition.

The three project partners at a glance:

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH (OLT)  
Parkring 6 
85748 Garching bei München 


About OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

gate startup OmegaLambdaTec GmbH (OLT) is a leading Data Science & AI-startup based in Garching. Since 2015, OLT has taken a pioneering role in developing customized Smart Data & Physical Analytics solutions. The focus is on data-driven forecasting, anomaly detection, digital twin simulations and simulation-based optimization with broad applications in the future fields of Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Industrie 4.0.

Center for Applied Energy Research e.V. (CAE) 
Magdalene-Schoch-Str. 3 
97074 Würzburg 


About the CAE 

With its research and development activities, the Center for Applied Energy Research e.V. (CAE) aims to transfer ideas into practice in cooperation with commercial enterprises and other research partners, thus making the greatest possible contribution to a sustainable, CO2-emission-free and economical energy system. The non-profit CAE acts as a bridge between basic research and development close to the market. The institute is a member of the ForschungsVerbund Erneuerbare Energien (FVEE) and the ZUSE community.

MOZYS Engineering GmbH 
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15 
97076 Würzburg 


About MOZYS Engineering GmbH 

 MOZYS Engineering GmbH (MOZYS) is at home in all areas (hardware, software, engineering) related to Industrial IoT and supports its customers from the initial idea to series operation. The focus is on OEM and white-label-solutions. The scope of services includes smart sensors and IoT gateways, web and mobile apps, and cloud services. Typical applications include condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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