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PwC-article about CLINARIS in renowned trade journal “Klinik Einkauf”


Better hygiene compliance assurance in hospitals: PwC article in renowned trade journal “Klinik Einkauf” presents digital hygiene and process management APP HPM® from CLINARIS.

The hygiene and process management app from gate start-up CLINARIS is presented as a flagship solution in the trade journal “Klinik Einkauf” published by the renowned Thieme Verlag. The rising number of hospital germs is an issue that is currently very much in the news. An infection can have serious consequences for patients: From slower healing processes to more serious consequences such as further operations, amputations, permanent disabilities or, in the worst case, even death. Those responsible for processes in healthcare facilities must ensure that the applicable hygiene regulations are adhered to in order to interrupt chains of infection at an early stage and thus prevent unnecessary patient suffering. In addition, laws require individual activities to comply with these regulations to be documented so that reliable and robust statements can be drawn afterwards about which step was carried out when and how. If a lawsuit is filed by a patient harmed by an infection, there is a risk for the healthcare facility involved to prove that the prescribed hygiene standards were adhered to.

Digital systems that document reprocessing and cleaning processes in individual steps can help to fulfill this obligation to provide evidence. A team at the renowned management consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) led by Jutta Dillschneider, specialist lawyer for medical law and employment law at PwC Legal AG and Senior Associate Jenny Klein, has looked into the topic of “Hygiene compliance and liability” and published an article on the subject in the specialist magazine “Klinik Einkauf” published by the prestigious Thieme Verlag.

The good news: HPM®, the hygiene process management and real-time localization solution from gate-startup CLINARIS, was presented as a flagship solution in this specialist article by PwC.

Read in the technical article what makes HPM® so special: Download.

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