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neurotrim Systems GmbH

.. is founding a new age of health and fitness. By means of the neurotrim method neurotrim Systems GmbH activates highly intensive stimuli for coordination and muscle control. Their aim is to pick up patients at their individual state and to preserve their motor skills as long as possible or even improve them. Combining the … Read more

capsitec GmbH

puts viruses in quarantine There is no effective treatment or cure for more than 70% of all WHO-listed viruses. As a result, millions of people suffer from viral infections every year, causing numerous cases of death and enormous economic damage. Being a spin-off from the Technical University Munich, capsitec GmbH develops a generic antiviral platform … Read more

Bayern Innovativ GmbH

Bayern Innovativ is knowledge manager, initiator and accelerator of innovations. Their vision is a Bavaria where every viable idea and technology becomes an innovation. Bayern Innovativ makes innovation possible Innovations are the basis for success. This applies to global markets as well as to small and regional value chains. Only those who are always that … Read more

Elemental Future EU GmbH

Flying for good Elemental Future EU GmbH is a venture-backed R&D-heavy aerospace company built by former executives and seasoned engineers from the aerospace industry. Their mission is to solve the world’s most pressing challenges in flight operations of uncrewed aircraft systems by combining the technical innovations of drones with the upsides of LTA (lighter-than-air) technologies. … Read more

neoimpulse GmbH

… designs supply chain digitization For this purpose, neoimpulse GmbH offers consulting- and development services für logistics, production, planning, sales and purchasing. The wide expertise is applied to transform, simplify, connect and improve processes, systems and organizations. The counselling approach of neoimpulse GmbH is “think a step ahead” neoimpulse GmbH accompany and support the change … Read more

Filics GmbH

Future of Intralogistics – Autonomous. Agile. Progressive. In a globalized and digitized world, value and supply chains are changing every day. The logistics processes which they are based on have become the supply lines of a modern society. The desire for ever shorter delivery times and high delivery quality demands top performance from logistics. Therefore, … Read more


Pioneering the internet of biosphere ECOSOPH is engineering the Internet of Biosphere (IoB). The team develops wireless self-powered sensing systems for remote medical and environmental monitoring. The solutions enables augmented management of plant, animal and human health. Solutions for Natural Ecosystems ECOSOPH provides sophisticated monitoring and risk management solutions to universities and scientific research institutes, … Read more

Meal Revolution GmbH

The better alternative to a canteen Meal Revolution’s food vending machine replaces the old-fashioned snack vendor and offers companies an optimate and uncomplicated lunch provision directly at the workplace, without tiresome queueing in a supermarket or the takeaway around the corner. Healthy meals and balanced snacks provided by high-quality local suppliers are at hand any time … Read more

Design AI GmbH

… brings innovations from AI-research to industry By use-case identification, business-case-evaluation and technical transfer, Design AI helps to raise the value of existing data and, thus, realize significant competitive advantages. Design AI GmbH is a deep-tech startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence, especially in the fields of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. … Read more

Orbem GmbH

The company was a resident at the gate from July 2020 to December 2022. Unleashing AI-powered imaging for everything and everyone Orbem GmbH develop deep tech solutions to sustainably feed the world, transform disease detection, and accelerate the transition to a green economy. The Orbem Genus enables fast, accurate, and contactless object classification and analytics. Orbem … Read more