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Zander Laboratories GmbH

Zander Labs is a deep-tech German-Dutch company in the field of passive Brain Computer Interfaces (passive BCI) and Neuroadaptive Technology to improve Human Computer Interaction (HCI).The company’s mission is to develop a user-friendly platform that offers cognitive universal classifiers and insights into mental states, unlocking the full potential of computer interaction, enabling human-compatible AI, and … Read more

Irox Games

No matter if it is about brand strengthening and customer engagement, team building and more fun at work, or the possiblity to represent oneself at an event – gate-Startup Irox-Games develops custom-made games for every opportunity. Contact:Marcel ZurawkaWeb: irox-games.comE-Mail: contact@irox-games.com

Cockpit-IT GmbH

gate-startup Cockpit-IT writes software for EFBs (Electronic Flight Bag) of airlines und business flight companies. This is, on the one hand, software enabling pilots to execute flight plans and monitor their flight status and which, on the other hand, transfers certified airplane hardware data from closed circuits to an iPad. The specialty about the main … Read more

Newgate GmbH

AI in capital markets Newgate is developing a comprehensive AI-Platform for the data centric analysis of capital markets. By collecting information directly from numerous online sources and leveraging modern AI technology, Newgate unravels deep insights, leading to advanced risk management and smarter investments. ContactWeb: Newgate – AI in Capital MarketsE-Mail: contact@newgate.de

capsitec GmbH

puts viruses in quarantine There is no effective treatment or cure for more than 70% of all WHO-listed viruses. As a result, millions of people suffer from viral infections every year, causing numerous cases of death and enormous economic damage. Being a spin-off from the Technical University Munich, capsitec GmbH develops a generic antiviral platform … Read more

Energyminer GmbH

As an electric supplier, Energyminer GmbH develops and operates small hydrokinetic power plants. A huge amount of small hydrokinetic power plants will be connected via IoT to a huge virtuall power plant without ecological impact. Within 5 years, they will produce as much electricity as large coal-fired power stations and, thus, make them needless. The … Read more

Software Defined Automation GmbH

Software Defined Automation GmbH creates completely new degrees of freedom beyond proprietary industrial automation systems for the automated configuration, operation, maintenance and continuous change of production plants to bring the vision of “Dark Factories” to life – a future in which factories run fully autonomously – and you can turn off the lights in the … Read more

Elemental Future EU GmbH

Flying for good Elemental Future EU GmbH is a venture-backed R&D-heavy aerospace company built by former executives and seasoned engineers from the aerospace industry. Their mission is to solve the world’s most pressing challenges in flight operations of uncrewed aircraft systems by combining the technical innovations of drones with the upsides of LTA (lighter-than-air) technologies. … Read more

Filics GmbH

Future of Intralogistics – Autonomous. Agile. Progressive. In a globalized and digitized world, value and supply chains are changing every day. The logistics processes which they are based on have become the supply lines of a modern society. The desire for ever shorter delivery times and high delivery quality demands top performance from logistics. Therefore, … Read more

Meal Revolution GmbH

The better alternative to a canteen Meal Revolution’s food vending machine replaces the old-fashioned snack vendor and offers companies an optimate and uncomplicated lunch provision directly at the workplace, without tiresome queueing in a supermarket or the takeaway around the corner. Healthy meals and balanced snacks provided by high-quality local suppliers are at hand any time … Read more