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Don VS Dodo GmbH

Don VS Dodo has it’s core focus on developing video games. Matthias‘ „Don“ and Dominik‘s „Dodo“ strong passion for games has long accompanied them in their lives. Both studied Game Design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich and started very early to work on projects privately as well as take working student jobs to build … Read more

Vypno GmbH

Designing Data with Deep Data EngineVypno provides solutions based on 3D CAD models that reduce the high effort of training data acquisition, preparation, and developing deep learning models. Data Generation & TrainingEffecient and scalable solutions for training DCNN models using high quality synthetic images from your CAD models. Object Localization & DetectionAdvanced convolution neural networks … Read more

RTG Echtzeitgraphik GmbH

RTG Echtzeitgraphik GmbH is a team consisting of 3D-graphic designers, engineers and designers. We understand technology and are able to visualize it. For 20 years, we have been conentrated on all aspects of computer graphics. Being the pioneers of visual-effects real-time-graphics, we have taken part in designing computer-generated images (CGI) and motion graphics from the … Read more

eyecandylab GmbH

enabling the metaverse viewing experience Being a group of innovators and experimenters in spatial computing and augmented reality, addicted to all kinds of new technology with a proven track record, eyecandylab GmbH formed a team united in the spirit to change the world. their mission is to deliver unprecedented and magical viewing experiences, generating engagement, … Read more