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TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V.

Mitigate the effects of climate change TUM Carbon is a student initiative and non-profit organisation from the Technical University of Munich. They envision a sustainable and carbon-neutral world by mitigating the effects of climate change through carbon removal.To do so, they iteratively develop carbon removal technologies and store carbon dioxide as dry ice for decades. … Read more

Energyminer GmbH

As an electric supplier, Energyminer GmbH develops and operates small hydrokinetic power plants. A huge amount of small hydrokinetic power plants will be connected via IoT to a huge virtuall power plant without ecological impact. Within 5 years, they will produce as much electricity as large coal-fired power stations and, thus, make them needless. The … Read more


Pioneering the internet of biosphere ECOSOPH is engineering the Internet of Biosphere (IoB). The team develops wireless self-powered sensing systems for remote medical and environmental monitoring. The solutions enables augmented management of plant, animal and human health. Solutions for Natural Ecosystems ECOSOPH provides sophisticated monitoring and risk management solutions to universities and scientific research institutes, … Read more

wisefood GmbH

wisefood develops and porduces the “super straw” (formerly known as Eatapple). The super straw is the innovative alternative to plastic straws. It remains stable in drinks for 60 minutes and can be eaten up afterwards. The super straw has a sweet-sour taste, is crunchy and does not release its flavor in the drink. The super … Read more

Urban Software Institute GmbH

The [ui!] GROUP is active around the globe and advices municipalities, cities and metropolitan regions on strategic planning for the realization of ambitious objectives, including climate change impact mitigation, traffic and parking management, and new energy strategies for even smarter cities. Our customers and partners include governments, energy providers and public as well as private … Read more

terraplasma emission control

tpec is a subsidiary of terraplasma GmbH with the aim to employ cold atmospheric plasma in order to reduce exhaust gas emissions from combustion engines and cumbustors. Environmental stress caused by noxious exhaust gas emissions is presently widely discussed. By means of a new cold-plasma-technology, the company sees a chance to have a positive share … Read more

Sustainable Finance Risk Consulting

sfr-consulting develops innovative risk transfer solutions for SDG projects sfr-consulting is a spin-off company of the Munich Re Group which operates with the strategic mandate to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. With the access to Munich Re Group’s and its network partners’ expertises and capacities, sfr-consulting is the preferred partner for development finance institutions, donors … Read more


We are people who actively want to create a clean environment for the future Our aim is to free waters from plastic, oil and chemicals globally The situationAlready today huge swarms of plastic waste are forming on the world’s oceans, the largest of which is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific, which already … Read more

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

Full potential for the customer It is the mission and aim of OmegaLambdaTec GmbH to create the maximum additional value of their customers’ data by the most innovative and qualitatively best analyses and data science solutions. The data science services by OmegaLambdaTec offer a broad power spectrum of agile, flexible and tailor-made data analysis services … Read more

Delicious Data GmbH

Higher margin.Less foodwaste.More time for guests. The machine learning solution by Delicious Data supports large gastronomic firms by means of exact demand forecasts. Thus, costs and foodwaste may be reduced. Delicious Data’s prediction algorithm combines historical company data and further external factors by means of artificial intelligence, in order to calculate future sales figures. Broken … Read more