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Plakos GmbH

Plakos GmbH is an online portal and non-fiction-book publisher. They offer online-tests and e-learning training courses for companies and private customers. With more than half a million users per month, Plakos represents one of the most popular test platforms among German-speaking countries. The company operates “Plakos Academy”, an e-learning-platform which helps applicants to prepare for … Read more

Fotando GmbH

Moments pass by, memories remain. Fotando was founded with the intention to make internet ordering of personalized foto products as easy as the shooting of pictures using a smart phone. Fotando define themselves as a tec-company which acts data-driven and entrepreneurial in order to offer their clients the best shopping experience possible on their smart … Read more

eyecandylab GmbH

enabling the metaverse viewing experience Being a group of innovators and experimenters in spatial computing and augmented reality, addicted to all kinds of new technology with a proven track record, eyecandylab GmbH formed a team united in the spirit to change the world. their mission is to deliver unprecedented and magical viewing experiences, generating engagement, … Read more