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NISAR Autonomy GmbH

In the automotive sector, both vehicle manufacturers and suppliers use a wide variety of tools for software development and deployment, some of which are simply outdated or have grown historically, thus, coming with severe limitations and reducing the performance of the development teams. NISAR is a startup with broad experience in automotive, robotics, communication, cloud … Read more

Software Defined Automation GmbH

Software Defined Automation GmbH creates completely new degrees of freedom beyond proprietary industrial automation systems for the automated configuration, operation, maintenance and continuous change of production plants to bring the vision of “Dark Factories” to life – a future in which factories run fully autonomously – and you can turn off the lights in the … Read more

Elemental Future EU GmbH

Flying for good Elemental Future EU GmbH is a venture-backed R&D-heavy aerospace company built by former executives and seasoned engineers from the aerospace industry. Their mission is to solve the world’s most pressing challenges in flight operations of uncrewed aircraft systems by combining the technical innovations of drones with the upsides of LTA (lighter-than-air) technologies. … Read more

neoimpulse GmbH

… designs supply chain digitization For this purpose, neoimpulse GmbH offers consulting- and development services für logistics, production, planning, sales and purchasing. The wide expertise is applied to transform, simplify, connect and improve processes, systems and organizations. The counselling approach of neoimpulse GmbH is “think a step ahead” neoimpulse GmbH accompany and support the change … Read more

Don VS Dodo GmbH

Don VS Dodo has it’s core focus on developing video games. Matthias‘ „Don“ and Dominik‘s „Dodo“ strong passion for games has long accompanied them in their lives. Both studied Game Design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich and started very early to work on projects privately as well as take working student jobs to build … Read more

Aerofoils GmbH

Surf & Fly over water – fast, quiet and emission-free Aerofoils GmbH develops the future of mobility on water with their high-tech electric flying surfboards in cooperation with AUDI AG. Aerofoil’s unique propulsion system fully integrated in the fuselage sets benchmarks. They have brought together design experts from Audi and their own expertise in aircraft … Read more

Isarsoft GmbH

Smart cameras – accurate analytics Isarsoft turns any camera into a sophisticated smart sensor. Counting passengers, monitoring conversion rates or measuring traffic in cities: with only a few clicks your camera starts collecting relevant business insights in realtime. Isarsoft leverages machine learning and computer vision algorithms to gain valuable information from video data. If not … Read more


Improving sound & vibration engineering VIBES brings promising, innovative methods for sound & vibration testing to the automotive and (high) tech industries. The team’s solutions improve the reliability, time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sound & vibration research & development. The proven VIBES Methodology results in accurate source characterizations, prevents (human) error and allows for a modular … Read more

UltraFast Innovations GmbH

The Company had been a tenant at the gate from August 2012 until January 2020. UltraFast Innovations combines profound know-how of designing specialized optics with coating capcities of all relevant technologies. This know-how of modelling and production has been established over decades and is continuously advanced by the close linking-up with research. Thus, new developments … Read more

systemfabrik GmbH

Experience cannot replace everything, but nothing can replace experience! systemfabrik is a provider of professional IT-services acting nation-wide and closely cooperating with manufacturers and international partners. Their service portfolio comprises among others: strategic and functional consulting system integration development project realization workshops and tranings systemfabrik’s customers benefit from these factors of success: proven competence and … Read more