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Pioneering the internet of biosphere ECOSOPH is engineering the Internet of Biosphere (IoB). The team develops wireless self-powered sensing systems for remote medical and environmental monitoring. The solutions enables augmented management of plant, animal and human health. Solutions for Natural Ecosystems ECOSOPH provides sophisticated monitoring and risk management solutions to universities and scientific research institutes, … Read more

Meal Revolution GmbH

The better alternative to a canteen Meal Revolution’s food vending machine replaces the old-fashioned snack vendor and offers companies an optimate and uncomplicated lunch provision directly at the workplace, without tiresome queueing in a supermarket or the takeaway around the corner. Healthy meals and balanced snacks provided by high-quality local suppliers are at hand any time … Read more

LyDAR Tech

LyDAR Tech, a LANGYANG TECHNOLOGIES company, is a fast-growing High-Tech Startup with expertise in to provide cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art smart IoT solutions. A highly qualified and experienced team of professionals enable LyDAR Tech to provide a complete range of smart IoT solutions to our clients, from the sensor to cloud with artificial intelligence natively … Read more


Digitizing construction with robotics and data KEWAZO offers intelligent robotic hoists for construction and industrial sites. We improve safety, welfare, and profitability in construction. KEWAZO GmbH was founded in 2018 with the vision to digitize on-site construction operations with robotics and data analytics. Their founding team combines knowledge and experience in the fields of construction … Read more

Holsten Systems GmbH

Holsten Systems help medium-sized engine builders and plant manufacturers to live their vision of digitalization. Services in the field of IIoT and automation technology References:SmartFab Box for PULSThe SmartFab Box is a diagnosis tool with which PULS technically measures and records the performance requirements and thermal conditions within systems and plants. The measurement data are … Read more


HPM® – the intelligent solution to digitalization for safe and efficient collaboration between nursing, hygiene, medical technology, cleaning/processing and controlling. With its HPM® system Clinaris has developed a digital solution that controls the reprocessing of medical devices and hospital rooms in real-time and documents each individual process step. This optimises both processes and staff resources.  Additionally, HPM® … Read more

BOX ID Systems GmbH

Everything else is just tracking BOX ID makes flows of goods and containers visible across sites and generates control data for your logistics. This ensures availability, prevents shrinkage, and increases the utilization of mobile assets by an average of 20%. Thus By a broad offer of end-to-end solutions, the customer is instantly ready for operation. … Read more