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neurotrim Systems GmbH

.. is founding a new age of health and fitness. By means of the neurotrim method neurotrim Systems GmbH activates highly intensive stimuli for coordination and muscle control. Their aim is to pick up patients at their individual state and to preserve their motor skills as long as possible or even improve them. Combining the … Read more

capsitec GmbH

puts viruses in quarantine There is no effective treatment or cure for more than 70% of all WHO-listed viruses. As a result, millions of people suffer from viral infections every year, causing numerous cases of death and enormous economic damage. Being a spin-off from the Technical University Munich, capsitec GmbH develops a generic antiviral platform … Read more

Leevi Health GmbH

Really knowing how your baby is – Leevi offers the complete solution by comprehensive analysis of the vital signs and reliable evidence Leevi Health GmbH develops intelligent assistants to support the good health and development of babies. The eco-mode allows Leevi to look after babies even more considerately. Thanks to the integrated storage, data are … Read more

Lumatix Biotech

gate startup Lumatix Biotech seeks to improve the availability and affordability of antibody products by disruptive technology innovation. Lumatix Biotech has developed an affinity matrix for the isolation of antibodies that is controlled by light. Comparable to traditional methods, antibodies are captured effectively by an immobilized protein ligand. But the affinity towards antibodies can be … Read more

NeuroControls GmbH

NeuroControls is an A.I. system integrator that bring smart solutions to the market and its customers. NeuroControls is an engineering service provider with knowledge and expertise of advanced neuromorphic technology. The team enables companies to implement artificial intelligence in sensors. By offering neuromorphic sensor solutions on silicon NeuroControls turn any kind of sensor into a … Read more

VisionHealth GmbH

It is the aim of VisionHealth to help all patients with pulmonary diseases to draw maximum benefit from their inhalative therapy. For this purpose, the founders have developed the first really comprehensive training app in the market: Kata® is the app which not only manages adherence, but also helps the paitents to accurately conduct their … Read more

tilibit nanosystems GmbH

We offer development, production, filtration and quality control of DNA-nanostructures for manifold applications as well as raw material for DNA origami technology. We would be glad to find out if our tailor-made solutions can help with your project. You may contact us via info@tilibit.com. Contact tilibit nanosystems GmbH Lichtenbergstraße 8 85748 Garching b. München info@tilibit.com … Read more

OncoBeta GmbH

OncoBeta® GmbH with its headquarters located at the Garching Technology and Founders Center GATE near Munich, is a privately held medical device company, specializing in the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art, innovative therapies utilizing epidermal radioisotope applications. Their aim is to continuously improve the therapy of non-melanoma skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma- and squamous cell … Read more


Transforming Proteomic Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence MSAID GmbH [ɛm ɛs eɪd] transforms the way scientists analyze proteomics data. As the leader in proteomics artificial intelligence, MSAID replaces current algorithms with powerful, AI-based solutions and paves the way for a deeper, and more reliable way of interrogating proteomics data. Powered by vast amounts of training … Read more

Irasun GmbH

The experts from Irasun are specialized on individual solutions for medical requirements, especially in the field of heart surgery, cardiology and vascular surgery. Irasun delivers quick provision of high-grade and high-quality solutions in order to facilitate or optimize medical processes. The focus is always on the patient’s benefit. Contact Web: irasun.de Phone: +49 (0)176 43 … Read more