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Flyby enables last mile delivery companies to unlock higher revenues with their existing assets. Designed in Germany, their patented smart delivery box manages drivers, deliveries and advertising, all in one package. Mobile digital billboards offer advertisers exciting new possibilities in digital advertising. Contact:Cheyenne KamaranEmail: hello@flyby.globalWeb: Flyby — The Future of Last Mile Delivery

Zander Laboratories GmbH

Zander Labs is a deep-tech German-Dutch company in the field of passive Brain Computer Interfaces (passive BCI) and Neuroadaptive Technology to improve Human Computer Interaction (HCI).The company’s mission is to develop a user-friendly platform that offers cognitive universal classifiers and insights into mental states, unlocking the full potential of computer interaction, enabling human-compatible AI, and … Read more

Global Sustainable Transformation (GST) GmbH

Global Sustainable Transformation (GST) GmbH is a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich and a biotechnology startup founded in 2021. As a technology provider and developer, the gate-startup is establishing the so-called FHCR™ platform, which converts biogenic, industrial and municipal waste streams into high-quality oils, bioactive substances and bio-based materials. The platform is characterized … Read more

Irox Games

No matter if it is about brand strengthening and customer engagement, team building and more fun at work, or the possiblity to represent oneself at an event – gate-Startup Irox-Games develops custom-made games for every opportunity. Contact:Marcel ZurawkaWeb: irox-games.comE-Mail: contact@irox-games.com

Leverage Robotics GmbH

The Leverage Robotics team has set itself the goal of transferring technology from research to industry. Innovative technologies have emerged from the research project “Factory of the Future” and are made available to industry within the framework of a technology transfer. The aim is to develop flexible automation solutions that make small and medium-sized enterprises … Read more

Cockpit-IT GmbH

gate-startup Cockpit-IT writes software for EFBs (Electronic Flight Bag) of airlines und business flight companies. This is, on the one hand, software enabling pilots to execute flight plans and monitor their flight status and which, on the other hand, transfers certified airplane hardware data from closed circuits to an iPad. The specialty about the main … Read more

neurotrim Systems GmbH

.. is founding a new age of health and fitness. By means of the neurotrim method neurotrim Systems GmbH activates highly intensive stimuli for coordination and muscle control. Their aim is to pick up patients at their individual state and to preserve their motor skills as long as possible or even improve them. Combining the … Read more

Dahlia Robotics GmbH

Dahlia Robotics is a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, geoecology and UX design, heavily supported by local farmers. The combination of their skillsets allows them to combine state of the art technologies into new robotic applications. Their solution is a robot which autonomously drives through the field, recognises weeds … Read more

TUM Carbon Removal Initiative e.V.

Mitigate the effects of climate change TUM Carbon is a student initiative and non-profit organisation from the Technical University of Munich. They envision a sustainable and carbon-neutral world by mitigating the effects of climate change through carbon removal.To do so, they iteratively develop carbon removal technologies and store carbon dioxide as dry ice for decades. … Read more

planqc GmbH

Creating quantum computers atom by atom planqc’s quantum computers store information in individual atoms – nature’s best qubits. Quantum information is processed by arranging these qubits in highly scalable arrays and manipulating them with precisely controlled laser pulses. planqc’s unique combination of quantum technologies is the fastest way to scale to thousands of qubits, a … Read more