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BotCraft GmbH

Botcraft‘s solutions build bridges from AI to IoT

BotCraft GmbH is spezialized in solutions for IIoT-machine connectivity and process automation in the context of Industry 4.0. Within this field, BotCraft offers own products and appropriate services.

BotCraft develops individual digitization solutions for enterprises and, as a service, offers agile software development. BotCraft’s experts counsel, plan and develop automation and digitization concepts for value-added chains. Control, production and test processes thus become more flexible, transparent and cost-efficient by means of software and AI-solutions.

It is BotCraft’s mission to promote digitization of medium-sized enterprises in order to render them more flexible, more efficient and more competitive. For this purpose, the team develops software and tools which are customized to the tiniest bit. Agile handling allows the customers to adapt all projects to their requirements with a maximum of flexibility at any time.

The know-how and innovation force of the developer team herewith focusses on smart sensor technology solutions, smart digital services with an AI-based data analysis process and on perception-controlled robotics. With these intelligent autonomous systems, so-called bots, BotCraft supports enterprises in the digital transformation of their processes, overall process data analysis or the implementation of Industry-4.0-applications.

Daniel Carton
Managing Director
Web: www.botcraft.de
Email: info@botcraft.de

Phone: 08168 4290519