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Cockpit-IT GmbH

gate-startup Cockpit-IT writes software for EFBs (Electronic Flight Bag) of airlines und business flight companies.

This is, on the one hand, software enabling pilots to execute flight plans and monitor their flight status and which, on the other hand, transfers certified airplane hardware data from closed circuits to an iPad. The specialty about the main app „smartOFP“ is the detachment from a static representation of flight data taken out of the “paper world” towards an integrated overall view.

The founders of Cockpit-IT themselves are active or former airline pilots with academic background in informatics or aerospace engineering. Since the establishment of the company in summer 2021 well-known names like Lufthansa and BMW Flight Service have become customers.

Jens Technau
Web: cockpit-it.com
E-Mail: info@cockpit-it.com


Industry: SaaS
Year founded: 2021
Founding team: Jens Technau, Tom Theurich