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Devanthro GmbH - the Robody Company

A robot as good as a human body 3.0

Devanthro’s vision is to build robodies as agile, dexterous and elegant as the human body, but without its fragility – so that one day, we can live as these robodies and stay curious indefinitely.

To achieve this goal, the team creates a platform for robot development inspired by biology that unites students, researchers, companies and artists from a broad spectrum of disciplines. To ensure unrestricted development they keep all results open source and actively influence the public perception of robotics to level the cultural ground for their innovation through public displays, arts and public speeches.


How the gate has supported Devanthro, Rafael Hostettler, CEO of Devanthro reports on LinkedIn.

“Being a long-time resident of the gate – Garching Technology and Start-up Center, I am particularly pleased that we have the privilege of covering the latest edition of the gateWAY magazine. The gate is the ideal place for a first office as a startup, because everything is taken care of that would otherwise take up a lot of time but doesn’t contribute to a better product. A friendly welcome, a super helpful team, a really tasty restaurant where you enjoy eating every day, stable internet (thanks to a direct connection to the Leibniz super computing center), regular first aid courses (are aou aware that at least some of the staff need to be first aiders? 😉 ), Andreas Preen, an experienced entrepreneur in residence whom you can annoy with every operational detail, PR support and many other supporting services – and all of this (very un-German, that’s what makes it even more precious) extremely unbureaucratic. Thank you!” – Rafael Hostettler

Rafael Hostettler
Web: Devanthro – the Robody Company


  • Industry: Robotics
  • Founding team:
    Rafael Hostetler,
    Alona Karchenko
  • Permanent exhibition at the Deutsches Museum, Munich