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Pioneering the internet of biosphere

ECOSOPH is engineering the Internet of Biosphere (IoB). The team develops wireless self-powered sensing systems for remote medical and environmental monitoring. The solutions enables augmented management of plant, animal and human health.

Solutions for Natural Ecosystems

ECOSOPH provides sophisticated monitoring and risk management solutions to universities and scientific research institutes, environmental authorities, water utilities, national parks and forestries, aquaculture and agriculture, the veterinary and medical sectors, as well as marine, energy and chemical industries.

An integrated IoB Platform

The technologies comprise environmental energy harvesters, triboelectric nanogenerators, self-powered sensor networks and bioelectronic systems. ECOSOPH is pushing the frontier of eHealth by bringing digitalised biomarkers in real-time to the cloud.

Felix Ortwein, CEO
Phone: +49 (0)89 122280 87
E-Mail: info@ecosoph.com
Web: ecosoph.com