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Leevi Health GmbH

Really knowing how your baby is – Leevi offers the complete solution by comprehensive analysis of the vital signs and reliable evidence

Leevi Health GmbH develops intelligent assistants to support the good health and development of babies.

The eco-mode allows Leevi to look after babies even more considerately. Thanks to the integrated storage, data are transferred only upon retrieval via the app or exceedance of preliminary set threshold values. Leevi is safety-tested, pollutant-tested and does not use pulsed radio technology (DECT, FHSS) which is regarded as problematic and commonly used in most baby monitors.

  • Everything conveniently at a glance – easy overview over the most important health data of your baby – around the clock on the Leevi app.
  • Reliable and considerate – alarm only in case of emergency – the accurate interpretation of the measured values grants safety and ease.
  • Eco-mode – the internal storage allows data transfer only upon retrieval or according to self-defined parameters.
  • PPG-Sensor – PPG-technology is a proven method for measuring heart frequency, oxygen saturation and further parameters.
  • Microphone – the microphone integrated in the belt substitutes the classical baby monitor.
  • Temperature sensor – two sensors continuously measure the temperature of the baby and of the environment.
  • Motion sensor – helps to analyze and better understand the sleeping pattern of the baby.

Björn Wunderlich
E-Mail: bjoern.wunderlich@leevi-health.com


  • Industry: MedTech
  • Year founded: 2020
  • Founding team:
    Nadine and Björn Wunderlich