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Lumatix Biotech

gate startup Lumatix Biotech seeks to improve the availability and affordability of antibody products by disruptive technology innovation.

Lumatix Biotech has developed an affinity matrix for the isolation of antibodies that is controlled by light. Comparable to traditional methods, antibodies are captured effectively by an immobilized protein ligand. But the affinity towards antibodies can be switched digitally with light of different wavelengths.

Lumatix Biotech realizes this disruptive concept by the functionalization of a protein ligand with a proprietary molecular light switch that can change the binding mode: on and off. By this means, antibodies can be isolated in a buffer of choice, comforting the sensitive biomolecules. Furthermore, the mode of operation allows for rapid chromatography cycling with drastically reduced buffer consumption, which implies the potential for huge possible savings. Due to the elimination of a buffer triggered elution step and the ultra-fast regeneration of the affinity matrix after elution, the virtual binding capacity and productivity of the Lumatix chromatography system are superior to common processes.

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Web: lumatix.bio
E-Mail: info@lumatix.bio
Tel: +49 89 212310601


  • Industry: BioTech
  • Founding year: 2021
  • Founder: Andreas Reichert