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Transforming Proteomic Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

MSAID GmbH [ɛm ɛs eɪd] transforms the way scientists analyze proteomics data.

As the leader in proteomics artificial intelligence, MSAID replaces current algorithms with powerful, AI-based solutions and paves the way for a deeper, and more reliable way of interrogating proteomics data.

Powered by vast amounts of training data, they develop deep learning models for bottom-up proteomics and integrate them in innovative software solutions. They make their software and services easily and readily available, thereby boosting the use of machine learning in the field of proteomics.

MSAID GmbH is a privately held informatics spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. It was founded by an interdisciplinary team of scientists with the vision to provide better computational solutions to the field of proteomics. The company’s approach is to replace current algorithms for proteomics with powerful, AI-based solutions, thereby paving the way for a smarter, deeper, and more reliable way of interrogating proteomic data.

Dr. Martin Frejno
Web: msaid.de
E-Mail: info@msaid.de
Phone: +49 (0) 89 215 366 18


Industry: MedTech
Founding year: 2019
Spin-off of the TUM
(Technical University of Munich)