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neurotrim Systems GmbH

.. is founding a new age of health and fitness.

By means of the neurotrim method neurotrim Systems GmbH activates highly intensive stimuli for coordination and muscle control. Their aim is to pick up patients at their individual state and to preserve their motor skills as long as possible or even improve them.

Combining the best of therapy, training and digitization, the N1.System grants trainers and therapists access to a completely new set of tools. Originally developed as injury prevention for competitive athletes, neurotrim offers whole-body workout for competitive athletes, injury rehabilitation up to improved gait patterns of MS-patients.

The different training and therapy approaches from balance, coordination, sensorimotor system and muscle control build the strong basis of the neurotrim method.

Maximilian Schiff
Mail: contact@neurotrim-systems.de
Web: www.neurotrim-systems.de