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NISAR Autonomy GmbH

In the automotive sector, both vehicle manufacturers and suppliers use a wide variety of tools for software development and deployment, some of which are simply outdated or have grown historically, thus, coming with severe limitations and reducing the performance of the development teams.

NISAR is a startup with broad experience in automotive, robotics, communication, cloud computing and functional safety. Currently the team is operating from two locations to cover the two biggest markets: Munich, Germany for EMEA and Shanghai, China for Asian Pacific markets.

Their mission is to create a revolutionary “Open Vehicle Ecosystem” for automotive software development that goes far beyond the established in scope, performance and flexibility – bridging the gaps between:

  • Different development teams around the world and by this creating an automotive software development community which can exchange software modules, data as well as services such as traffic simulations or data labelling
  • The developers and their vehicles to actually fuse working in the office and working on the car into one hands-on working style.

To achieve this NISAR creates the NISAR Developer Platform. It unifies a powerful suite of products which can be used either stand-alone or in combination – ready to solve your use case.

Web: NISAR – Open Vehicular OS
E-Mail: info@nisar.ai


  • Industry: IoT, smart mobility
  • Founding year: 2021