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Qualicen GmbH

Qualicen GmbH support companies in optimizing their software and systems engineering. Qualicen’s emphasis is on requirements and test engineering as well as on model-based software and systems engineering. In addition, Qualicen offer innovative services and products.

Among Qualicen’s services count the auditing of requirements and test specifications and acitvities. However, their portfolio comprises the implementation and improvement of a model-based systems engineering based on a systematic status quo analysis.

Moreover, Qualicen offer the Qualicen Scout Toolsuite, by means of which specifications from different sources can be interactively and continuously verified for typical regulation violations.

Qualicen GmbH
Lichtenbergstr. 8
85748 Garching
E-Mail: info@qualicen.de
Internet: www.qualicen.de

Dr. Benedikt Hauptmann, Geschäftsführer
Dr. Maximilian Junker, Geschäftsführer