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Software Defined Automation GmbH

Software Defined Automation GmbH creates completely new degrees of freedom beyond proprietary industrial automation systems for the automated configuration, operation, maintenance and continuous change of production plants to bring the vision of “Dark Factories” to life – a future in which factories run fully autonomously – and you can turn off the lights in the factory for good!

They close the communication gap between IT and operational technology and are the enabler for AI based self-optimizing production plants, thereby reaching the next technological innovation step function in productivity for the world.

Software Defined Automation GmbH allows to virtualize and abstract control software from industrial automation hardware and equips manufacturers with the tools to increase flexibility while maintaining deterministic, real-time control execution.

  • Virtual automation control on hyper converged factory infrastructure – globally distributed and technically open
  • Features that empower your automation control
  • “The worlds most complete automation toolkit in the making”

Web: softwaredefinedautomation.io
E-Mail: contact@softwaredefinedautomation.io


  • Industry: SaaS
  • Founding year: 2021