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Urban Software Institute GmbH

The [ui!] GROUP is active around the globe and advices municipalities, cities and metropolitan regions on strategic planning for the realization of ambitious objectives, including climate change impact mitigation, traffic and parking management, and new energy strategies for even smarter cities.

Our customers and partners include governments, energy providers and public as well as private companies.

Founded by the charta to closely accompany the European innovation partnership „Smart Cities and Communities“, [ui!] GROUP now assists cities in Germany, other European countries, the USA and Australia in their efforts to implement innovative concepts and solutions to achieve ambitious climate change objectives.

Mitigating climate change, benefits to citizens and commercially successful services and solutions are not mutually exclusive aims. Instead, they make up a sustainable alliance for the future of urban spaces.

Therefore, [ui!] focusses on cloud-based services in the following fields:

  • Sustainable urban mobility
  • Integrated traffic analysis
  • Energy management for quarters
  • Integrated urban infrastructures