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Vypno GmbH

Designing Data with Deep Data Engine
Vypno provides solutions based on 3D CAD models that reduce the high effort of training data acquisition, preparation, and developing deep learning models.

Data Generation & Training
Effecient and scalable solutions for training DCNN models using high quality synthetic images from your CAD models.

Object Localization & Detection
Advanced convolution neural networks to localize and detect objects on images.

State Analysis & Reporting
Provide insgihts and statistics about the status of real-world objects of your digital-twin (3D CAD models).

Maximilian Jakasovic
Phone: +49 175 1141726
E-Mail: contact@vypno.com
Web: www.vypno.com


  • Industry: AI
  • Year founded: 2019
  • Founding team:
    Maximilian Jakasovic
    Yang Li
    Nitesh Narayan
    Alejandro Rueda