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Cockpit-IT: AI-supported innovation in aviation industry

CockpitIT Aviation und AI

Jens Technau and Tom Theurich, who founded Cockpit-IT, are revolutionizing IT service management for aviation companies with AI-supported technology. Their vision: to lead aviation software industry into a new era of efficiency through optimized IT operations and improved uptime. With their start-up Cockpit-IT, Jens Technau and Tom Theurich develop user-friendly software solutions for the aviation … Read more

Content Marketing: growth catalyst for tech-startups

content marketing for Tech-Startups

In this interview, Caroline Hof, an experienced marketing expert in the B2B tech sector, reveals her best tips and strategies for making tech start-ups more visible by means of content marketing. Want even more content marketing tips for tech startups? Take part in our next gate Academy. In a free online workshop, our expert Caroline … Read more

PwC-article about CLINARIS in renowned trade journal “Klinik Einkauf”

CLINARIS: The preparation should take place in these steps

Better hygiene compliance assurance in hospitals: PwC article in renowned trade journal “Klinik Einkauf” presents digital hygiene and process management APP HPM® from CLINARIS. The hygiene and process management app from gate start-up CLINARIS is presented as a flagship solution in the trade journal “Klinik Einkauf” published by the renowned Thieme Verlag. The rising number … Read more

planqc wins contract to improve material simulations using quantum algorithms

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has selected gate-startup planqc, d-fine and Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS), to jointly advance the development of algorithms for atomistic simulations in the field of statics and dynamics of water and hydrogen in the project ‘QuantiCoM H2Q’. For planqc, this is already the third order from DLR, after winning an international … Read more

Energyminer GmbH welcomes Ludwig Kons, a top-class industry expert, to the team

gate-Startup Energyminer, an emerging energy startup, is delighted to announce that Ludwig Kons, an industry professional with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, is joining the team with immediate effect. This important hire sends a clear signal of Energyminer GmbH’s ambitions. Ludwig Kons has an impressive career in the energy sector. He … Read more

Energyminer wins Munich Business Plan Competition

gate startup Energyminer has concluded this year’s Munich Business Plan Competition with an impressive success. Having already achieved second place in phase 2 and been among the 10 winners in phase 1, the company now secured first place in phase 3. Energyminer’s solution convinced the jury. Energyminer is driving the energy transition by producing affordable … Read more

planqc sells the first digital quantum computer based on neutral atoms in Europe

gate-Startup planqc has been selected by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to develop a digital neutral-atom-based quantum computing hardware and software platform that is scalable and can demonstrate quantum algorithms for real-world problems. The award is valued at 29 million EUR. planqc teams up with Menlo Systems and ParityQC who provide critical components for the laser systems … Read more

Market entry: gate-startup sewts tackles labor shortages with robotics

gate-startup sewts has successfully launched its first product. As in numerous other industries, the shortage of labor in the textile service sector is currently a key challenge that the Munich-based robotics startup sewts is addressing with the development of innovative automation solutions. The first delivery of the VELUM system, with which robotics makes its way … Read more

Construction robotics startup KEWAZO raises $10M Series A funding

gate-Startup KEWAZO announced the closing of its $10 million Series A funding round, bringing the total funds raised to-date to approximately $20 million. KEWAZO’s robot LIFTBOT empowered by Data Analytics proves to reduce 70% of costs, improve safety and increase transparency. KEWAZO both automates and digitizes the on-site material flow via state-of-the-art robotics and unmatched … Read more

gate Garchinger Technologie- und Gründerzentrum celebrates 20th anniversary

On November 2, 2022, gate Garching celebrated their 20th anniversary directly at the research campus in Garching / Munich – together with startups, alumni, initiators and a robot. „Gate Garching was a project which needed courage, farsightedness and a vision to be realized in the early 2000s. That was precisely what the Bavarian Ministry of … Read more