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Climate Change is everybody’s Business, also High-Tech-Startups’.

The gate has its share in climate protection and supports startups within the Munich ecosystem in creating more sustainable business models. We are the first incubator to campaign for CleanTech in the Munich metroplitan area and offer free consulting for founders regarding the cleantech issue and sustainable business development.

In order to raise enthusiasm for the topic, the initiative shall point out why climate protection is worth it also for (early-phase) startups:

  • practical impact of climate protection measurements
  • relevance for the core business
  • (financial) advantage for the own company
  • unsophisticated, cost-efficient and effective measurements for every startup

We could win ClimatePartner for the initiative, the specialists for CO2-footprint and compensating assets.

CleanTech consultation

We consult startups how to map the CO2-balance of their startup on an enterprise and product level, improve or make it climate-neutral and market it profitably.

What can be discussed during the CleanTech consultation:

  • How even young enterprises can avoid, reduce and compensate CO2 within their company,
  • necessary data for measuring the own CO2-footprint
  • transparency and measurability of the impact
  • climate neutrality as a unique feature of employer branding and customer acquistion

Our Commitment for Climate Protection: The Green Pledge

The gate is one of the “Leaders for Climate Action”

Profound changes always begin with ourselves: In order to gain awareness for the consequences of our actions, we have obligated ourselves to start calculating and compensating our personal emissions.

Also as an enterprise, we measure and reduce our emissions. For this purpose, we have completed the steps preset by the initiative Leaders for Climate Action, and are getting involved in actively reducing our emissions.

Step 1 – collect data which count as sources of emission

Step 2 – calculate the CO2-footprint of the enterprise

Step 3 – compensate emissions

Step 4 – repeat once a year

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