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gate Garching EN

Founders Fight Night

The Founders Fight Night – the toughest startup pitching competition in town.

Why is it tough? Because no distractions will help the pitching founders. No screen, no slides, no nothing. Just you and your opponent in the ring.

Startups will have to rely on your entrepreneurial fighting spirit. 80% of startups fail within their first year. So toughen up and reap the rewards.

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Check your stance:
Startups have one minute to present their business model.

Attack & Counter:
Each contestant will attack the other and rhetorically. Highlighting each and every flaw, mistake and shortcoming.

Counter & Attack:
Change of roles: Punchers take the defensive stance and counter ruthless attacks from the competing rival.

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Since the market is always right – we let the audience decide. While the judges are the Influencers.

There will be only one CHAMPION OF STARTUPS!