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Welcome to Bootstrapping or, how to start your startup journey, now!

No, you don’t need money, a tech co-founder, or more time in order to create a new venture! All you need it YOU. As NOW is the best time to start, we designed this short session to provide you with action items that would help you start ‘entrepreneuring’.

Content: We will talk about

  • Entrepreneurship and bootstrapping
  • What should we do in order to re-wire ourselves to ‘bootstrap entrepreneur’ mode
  • We will introduce some free and efficient tools and processes that will help to achieve real progress, both on the personal and business Level.

Target: Some of you will find the ‘square one’ you were looking for. Others will find essential puzzle pieces that were missing in order to improve as entrepreneurs, and get a clearer idea of what should you do next, in order to promote a business idea.

Our Speaker: Erez Gavish

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