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Jetzt bewerben für BSH Venture Forum

BSH is offering promising start-ups a platform to set a collaboration with Europe’s largest manufacturer of home appliances at the BSH Venture Forum. This year, BSH is looking for innovative software and hardware solutions, services and digital platforms that help to shape the kitchen and home of the future.

BSH Venture Forum
November 27 & 28, 2017 in Munich

BSH Home Appliances Group is especially interested in technologies and solutions clustered in the following three fields:

Sensor Systems and Artificial Intelligence
We are looking for intelligent sensors relating to various gases and materials as well as solutions in the field of sensor data fusion and artificial intelligence.

Cognitive Systems, Home Automation and new ways of interaction
We are highly interested in innovative software and hardware solutions making home appliances smart, connected, autonomous, self-monitored and digitally user-controlled, including digital assistance, new technologies for user interaction, intelligent cognitive systems and consumer-centric digital services.

New Food & Beverage
The field New Food & Beverage comprises innovative solutions disrupting the way how food and drink (nutrition) is produced, distributed, prepared and consumed, tailored to the needs and preferences of consumers.

The opportunities to collaborate with BSH include R&D cooperation, partnering with BSH Group and its suppliers, building customer-supplier relationships and minority equity investment.

Sounds interesting? Find out more about the technology search fields and how to apply at (The application form for start-ups can be found at the bottom of the website).

Submissions are now open until September 17, 2017.