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Munich Network WakeUp!: How to leverage AI in your Business

Christian Ehl und Sharad Gandhi, die Autoren von “AI&U – Translating Artificial Intelligence into Business” im Dialog und im Gespräch mit Ihnen.

Munich Network WakeUp!: How to leverage AI in your Business
am Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017,
von 08:00 bis 10:00 Uhr
im innovationswerk des Munich Network
Rosenheimer Str. 145 i, München

Christian and Sharad have just published their new book on AI. This is what it is about:
“The next technology to create the biggest and widest impact on all aspects of our lifestyle, industries, and society has arrived. It is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its newly acquired magic of Machine Learning. AI is the next big thing and will transform all businesses. AI is inevitable. Its progress and disruptive power is evidenced in a number of areas – like Apple Siri, IBM Watson and Tesla cars. The use of AI for future competitiveness and survival is a must.”

In the process of writing the book Christian and Sharad have talked to a number of AI experts in Europe, USA and Asia, business leaders and non-technical people about AI. The research in writing the book and discussions exploring the width and depth of the subject have generated many interesting insights not just about AI, its applications, but also on how our natural human intelligence works. In the presentation, Christian and Sharad will share some of these discussions and insights.

In this WakeUp! session Christian and Sharad will address the most important question facing many companies: “How to leverage AI in your Business?” They will discuss with you effective approaches for discovering AI opportunities in your business and for converting your creative AI opportunity into business value for customers.

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