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gate Garching EN

Delicious Data GmbH

Higher margin.
Less foodwaste.
More time for guests.

The machine learning solution by Delicious Data supports large gastronomic firms by means of exact demand forecasts. Thus, costs and foodwaste may be reduced.

Delicious Data’s prediction algorithm combines historical company data and further external factors by means of artificial intelligence, in order to calculate future sales figures. Broken down to single lines of the future production, the forecasts offer valuable support in procurement planning and daily production. Provision occurs as “software as a service”, i.e. a computer and internet access are sufficient in order to call the topical forecasts via a web application.

Delicious Data GmbH
Phone: +49 (0) 89 54842110

(formerly noyanum or FoodOracle / Predictive Inference UG)

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