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Numeric Systems GmbH

Numeric Systems GmbH was founded in 2016 subsequent to a promotion by the EXIST founder scholarship. The company’s core intention is PACEFISH®, an innovative software for the accelerated simulation of physical flows by means of GPU- (Graphical Processing Unit) processors.

The computer-based simulation of flows is called CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and has been established as a software branch for 30 years. Companies use CFD-programs in their virtual developing process in order to economically predict the aero-dynamical or rather flow-mechanical properties of their devolpments by a computer, like e.g. vehicles, trains, airplanes, motors or refrigerators. Thus, the production of high-priced prototypes is eliminated.

In order to improve competitiveness, enterprises are interested in calculating more CFD-simulations in the time available and reducing the costs emerging. CFD-simulations are very complex. Even by using expensive mega-computers, established CFD-programs need hours up to weeks for a single simulation, according to its complexity.

Contrary to established CFD-programs, PACEFISH uses GPUs by NVIDIA for the elaborate calculations. These are parallel processors evolving from the field of graphics. They have limited capacities, but may implement them considerably faster than CPUs at the same cost. Compared to CPUs, PACEFISH thus achieves the tewentyfold operating speed at costs reduced by factor 10 per simulation.

The functional range of PACEFISH is coordinated with automotive applications as “virtual wind tunnel”. With the development progressing, the tool is becoming more and more interesting for other fields of mechanical engineering as well.

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Eugen Riegel, CEO