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gate Garching EN

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH

Your data. Your potential.

OmegaLambdaTec – Data Science Services supports as a partner service providers, (smart) cities, organizations and institutions in analyzing data for their digital future. The start-up founded in february 2015 follows the mission to gain maximum value of available data by innovative tailor-made data science solutions. For their customers, they offer new opportunites in identifiying new business areas and optimizing processes and services at low costs.

Re-discover your data cosmos with us.

Being astro-physicians with research experience, we possess extensive data science expertise with which we optimally support leading innovators in taking data-driven decisions. Using our research advantage and method know-how for sophisticated data analyses, we open new discovery potential to our customers, especially by our experinece in handling weak signals and non-representative data records. Our custmers pose the challenge and the questions – we deliver results and answers.

The integrated data science service concept by OmegaLambdaTec comprises solutions of the following areas:

•    Custom Data Analytics
•    Predictive Analytics
•    Realtime Analyses
•    Optimization
•    Simulations
•    Business Analytics
•    Smart Big Data

phone: 089 – 548 425 20

Dr. Rene Fassbender CEO

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